Robotics CBT

Ancillary learning materials for RoboLogix include a computer-based tutorial (CBT) package consisting of 14 modules of interactive curriculum using text, video, audio, 2D and 3D animations and RoboLogix simulation software. This multi-media learning package is available as a download and includes pre-tests, interactive exercises, and review questions. The learning package features dozens of pre-built laboratory exercises using RoboLogix that are integrated throughout the study material.

The price of the PLC CBTs is $445 and includes a licensed copy of RoboLogix. The CBT is compatible with any recent Windows-based operating system including Windows 10.

The textbook, Introduction to Robotics, which provides complementary content coverage to the Robotics CBT curriculum, is available for an additional $160. Please note, this textbook is not a required reference, rather it is offered for those individuals who might value an additional print-based resource.